Gold Wax Detailing Services

Surf City Garage Enthusiast Grade detailing products hit automotive stores like, Walmart and Pep boys, along with many other auto chains and speed shops in the US. The products quickly become recognized around the world as the best anyone can buy and Tim’s Guarantee : if these products aren’t the best products you’ve used, give me a call and I’ll personally buy them back- goes unmatched in the industry. Word travelled fast and Surf City Garage is now sold and sort after world wide, in over 30 countries, quickly becoming the fastest growing car care company in the world to this day. And this is only the beginning...

The next step in Advanced Technology has arrived in Australia, the Surf City Garage Professional Series. All of the Exteoiur Range is blended with the world’s best #1 Bralian Carnuba for the longest-lasting paint protectionand the deepest, most mesmerizing glossyou’ll find under the sun. See it for yourself and get lost in the gloss.

Image Perfection use Surf City Garage Professional on all our Bronze, Silver & Gold Details.


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