Machine Polishing

There’s only so much a hand polish or wax can do when it comes to getting your paint to look like new.

Defects such as water etching, oxidization and swirl marks can only be removed by machine polishing (also known as Paint Correction) which depending on the severity can take 5 stages of different density pads and compounds or even wet sanding.

Prior to machining we go through a meticulous evaluation procedure including paint depth analysis to determine what steps to take to achieve the client’s goal.

Being Surf City Professional, Swissvax and Always Dry authorized Detailer, we only use Premium Professional Polishes, which contain no fillers, resins or gloss enhancers. All Swissvax detailers have a high level of experience in paint correction and it is this that gives our clients confidence to trust us with their pride and joy.Machine Polishing wouldn’t be what it is without the machines. I have tried and tested machines from all over the world to ensure we have, not only all the machines for the job, but also the most efficient and precise machines.


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